The 1st Filipino climb on Mt Everest (Chomolungma is d Tibetan name). Everest stands 8848m/29035ft, it's the highest pt on Earth. This highest climb dedicated to the people with the highest needs.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Chomolungma (8848m), view from the south. This is the dream peak, our feature mountain for 2006! =) Nyaar, Scaarrryyy.... :) I took the shot from Kala Pattar (5400m) in Khumbu. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Thoughts on the E attempt

Ideally, I would prefer to just climb on my own, quietly, rather than
'advertise' or announce my plans to public.  It's a pressure and a heavy
load to carry, to be the first to attempt the big-E.  Imagine the whole
nation is watching you, expecting something.  I was hoping before that
somebody attempts it before I do, but - - it's been 52 long years and
nobody has attempted it yet, nor even got sufficiently ready to try,
somebody has to, and now... I'm already in position to try it.  It's the
ripe time, and I have to climb it, it's like - it's not my choice anymore..
I must climb it!

I see that my role is also evolving, I've shared before that I see E as 1
giant door to open, and with it, other possibilities and adventure
opportunities await.  So now I see my role not just as a climber, but a
gate-opener, a ribbon cutter.   I may or may not climb the peak, but making
the attempt alone already brings major significance in the history of
mountaineering and adventure sports here, it means we are now taking on the
challenge.  To win something, you need to act -- to realize a dream, you
need to make your first step - and this is, our first step! Our first
step to glory, our first step to victory.
Some people think this is a race, well this is far from being a race.  It's
a collective effort towards a common goal.  How I'd wish somebody is here
right now, ready to make an attempt with me, I'd prefer a small team than
be a lone Pinoy trying to top the Great peak.
But as they say, "better to execute a good plan now than a perfect plan
tomorrow".  I'll act now.